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Veil or No Veil? | A Bride's Dilemma

Wedding veils have had a place in wedding ceremonies for centuries. Many veils have a Lineage of women who have worn and passed down a veil from generation to generation. Others are simply paired with a wedding dress based on the brides style and needs for her wedding day.

Recently, many of our Lineage Bride's have opted for a more modern and less traditional approach to their wedding ceremonies and reception sites. With this bares the question of 'Veil or No Veil.' If one is not getting married in a church, do they have to wear a veil? If they are getting married in a church, do they still have to wear a veil? Does a flower crown or broach in their hair suffice? Who is in charge of these rules anyway?

We took our question online to Instagram @ladiesoflineage and asked our Lineage Brides to partake in our 'Bride to Bride' Friday poll 'Veil or No Veil' and why? Here are their answers. Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see the final results on Instagram.

"If I could go back and do it again I'd go without my veil! It was a pain to deal with and we didn't anticipate a windy wedding day. Love the idea of a flower crown! I had a floor length veil and had a few pictures of it blowing in the wind and it looked gorgeous! It was only when my groom started stepping on it that I decided it had to go."

~ Real Lineage Bride Courtney | Photo by Lauren Rosenau Photography

"I had a cathedral veil for the ceremony by Sassi Holford and I absolutely loved it! There is no other time I would wear one and I would love to pass it on to my daughter or sister on their wedding day."

~ Real Lineage Bride Lisa | Photo by Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay

"Veil! I ended up wearing a dear friend of mine, cathedral veil which was really special. Whether you're a traditional bride or not, I think it adds such a timeless touch."

~ Real Lineage Bride Jenn | Photo by Suzanne Jakes Photography

"So I debated for a while if I wanted a veil or not since I was not going for the "traditional bride" look. However, Natasha paired a Sassi Holford veil that couldn't have matched my dress more perfectly and I had to have it! I am excited for my veil (and Tara Keely dress) to arrive." ~ Real Lineage Bride Sara

The Bride to Bride Results Are In!

Veil or No Veil?

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