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Ladies of Lineage Wedding Gowns as Enneagram Types

If your big into social media (or maybe even a little into social media), it’s likely that you’ve heard about the Enneagram or have even taken a quiz to discover your Enneagram type. In short, the Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. Out of all the personality tests available, we’ve found this one to have nail-on-the-head accuracy when it comes to the ladies in our Lineage family, which is why we’ve paired a Lineage wedding gown with each Enneagram type.

Enneagram Type 1 – The Perfectionist

Gown: Vanessa by Sassi Holford

Enneagram 1 Loves: Organization, The Right Thing, Rules

Our Enneagram 1 bride is sure of herself, exceptionally refined, and appreciates the quality and construction of a proper couture designer (after all, Sassi Holford’s gowns are just as pretty on the inside as they are the outside). Ideal for our detail-oriented ‘Perfectionist,’ the Vanessa gown has perfectly clean-cut lines and a symmetry that will be pleasing in every last photo.

Enneagram Type 2 – The Helper

Gown: Saxon by Allison Webb

Enneagram 2 Loves: Being Thanked, Making Someone’s Day, Being Appreciated

Allison Webb’s Saxon gown brings an element of timeless beauty to our Enneagram 2’s wedding day without screaming center-of-attention. While this ‘Helper’ bride could have chosen another gown she loved equally, her grandmother & mom swooned over Saxon, which sealed the deal for her saying yes to the dress. Appropriately constructed for an Enneagram 2 with pockets to hold her mom’s lipstick and bobby pins for her bridesmaids, because even on her special day, she’s always helping others.

Enneagram Type 3 – The Achiever

Gown: Delphine by Suzanne Neville

Enneagram 3 Loves: Goal Setting, Helping Others Succeed, Personal Development

Our Enneagram 3 works hard, but plays harder, which is why she chose Suzanne Neville’s Delphine gown to dance the night away in. Refusing to blend in with the many other brides before her time, she chose an edgy, yet sophisticated gown with just the right wow-factor. And because this Enneagram 3 wants to achieve the perfect photos to look back on in 20 years, she will most definitely rock a killer pantsuit for her exit outfit.

Enneagram Type 4 – The Individualist

Gown: Iris by Sassi Holford

Enneagram 4 Loves: Purpose, Individualism, Meaningful Conversations

Also commonly typed ‘The Romantic’, our Enneagram 4 chose Sassi Holford’s Iris gown. The moment our Enneagram 4 spotted this gown on Instagram, she felt a pull at her heartstrings and knew she had to try on this beautiful work of art. She’s the rare bride who wears the very dress down the aisle that she had in mind at the beginning of her gown search. And you can bet that this gown will be one to be remembered, just like our Individualist bride.

Enneagram Type 5 – The Investigator

Gown: Kaye by Lis Simon

Loves: Knowing the Most, Spending Time Herself, People Watching

Our Enneagram 5 bride is wearing Lis Simon’s Kaye gown down the aisle at her intimate Sunday Brunch wedding. Having done her research on every wedding gown designer out there, she wanted something uniquely her with a quality made to last. With Lis Simon’s fully customizable options, our Enneagram 5 was able to raise the neckline to her liking, so she felt secure and comfortable all day long.

Enneagram Type 6 – The Loyalist Gown: Rainey by Nouvelle Amsale

Loves: Being on Time, Comfort, Stability from Others

Our Enneagram 6 bride chose none other than Nouvelle Amsale’s Rainey gown. As dependable as the ‘Loyalist’ herself, this gown bears a timeless silhouette that will age perfectly through the years. With her future daughter (or daughter-in-law) in mind, she knew this dress could be an heirloom gown to pass down or it could be shortened for a rehearsal dinner dress years later. Sentiment continuing to be the driving decision in her planning process, our Enneagram 6 will lean in to the comfort of a classic bridal look for her wedding day.

Enneagram Type 7 – The Enthusiast

Gown: Hadley by Allison Webb

Loves: Spur of the Moment Plans, Trying New Things, Surprises

As a natural ‘Enthusiast,’ our Enneagram 7 loved a little bit of everything she tried on, which is why she chose 2 looks for her big day. To keep it (kind of) classic for her ceremony, she chose a full, a-line overskirt, but couldn’t wait for her big reception reveal to showcase her party dress! Her Allison Webb Hadley gown is adorned with all-the-things from 3D appliqués to ostrich feathers – perfect for this more-is-more, Enthusiast bride.

Enneagram Type 8 – The Challenger

Gown: D2835 by Essense of Australia

Loves: Being in Charge, Standing Up for Others, Justice

Since our Enneagram 8’s mom wanted her to wear a formal ballgown with a satin skirt, our ‘Challenger’ naturally went with an Essense of Australia fitted, lace dress. As a fiercely confident woman, this 8 knew she had one day to be the bride-to-be and wanted the most head-turning gown possible. Knowing how often she speaks her mind, our Enneagram 8 decided to let her dress do the talking for her wedding day!

Enneagram Type 9 – The Peacemaker

Gown: Paloma by Nouvelle Amsale

Loves: Pleasing Others, Offering Support, Being the Devil’s Advocate

Our Enneagram 9 chose Nouvelle Amsale’s Paloma gown. Effortless & whimsical, this gown captures the simple beauty of our ‘Peacemaker’ bride. Known for letting others shine, our Enneagram 9 went with an effortless sheath with lace appliques that nearly resemble olive branch leaves, encompassing the peacemaker she is at heart. Depsite her efforts to let others shine, every single guest invited to her wedding will show up to support their inclusive and deeply thoughtful friend.

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