Mira Zwillinger

Starting at $10,000

A luxury bridal line led by mother-daughter fashion designers Mira and Lihi Zwillinger, the Mira Zwillinger collection is one of the leading couture houses in Tel Aviv. The brand is driven by the passion to infuse contemporary silhouettes with ethereal detailing, handmade embroidery, beading, and extraordinary textures that are handcrafted from scratch, cut from an individually fashioned pattern, and sewn with love. Mira Zwillinger's approach is a celebration of elegance, timeless glamour and supreme craftsmanship.

Marchesa Bride

Marchesa Couture

Starting at $8,000

A renowned global fashion brand featuring elegant eveningwear, ready-to-wear and one-of-a-kind couture designs, Marchesa expanded their fashion empire into the bridal industry in 2009. Best known for their romantic designs adorned with 3D applique, hand beading, and floral elements, their strong aesthetic stayed true in their bridal designs as well. Marchesa Bridal’s Couture Collection features an array of editorial gowns, perfect for the fashion-forward bride.  

Sassi Holford

Starting at $4,000

For the bride who values incredible fit and sumptuous fabrics, the Sassi Holford of London label has become synonymous with luxury fashion. An ever-present leader in luxury bridal fashion, Sassi consistently finds ways to innovate a timeless wedding dress, while paying mind to sustainable materials, and her renowned construction and fit. Designing for Carolina brides, A-listers, and the Royal Family alike, Sassi makes a big impact on the fashion world with her classic and versatile pieces. 


Suzanne Neville

Starting at $4,000

For London based designer Suzanne Neville, it’s all about creating the best possible shape for every figure no matter what dress size the bride may be. A proper couture designer with hand-crafted techniques, Suzanne’s gowns are all designed and produced in London. Suzanne Neville wedding gowns are handcrafted using the techniques of contemporary couture and her silhouettes vary from slim fitting cuts to full, romantic gowns, always using the finest silks and hand embroideries.  

Sareh Nouri

Starting at $5,000

Everlasting glamour, effortless femininity, and elegance beyond time are the foundational qualities that are the beating heart of Sareh Nouri’s wedding gowns. Taking fashion inspiration from the classic elegance of Hollywood starlets like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, Sareh’s designs have a consistent and distinctive feminine touch. Oftentimes considered Sareh Nouri’s signature, her couture bow accessories provide an artistic element and an all-around wow moment on her tailored and clean wedding gowns. 


Alyssa Kristin 

Starting at $2,850

Known as the queen of crepe, Alyssa Kristin’s wedding gowns are some of the best crepe wedding gowns in the game. While many crepe gowns have the reputation for provide poor coverage and structure, Alyssa’s crepe has a difference you can both see and feel. Alyssa Kristin offers low-cost customizations on each of her bridal gowns so you can say “I do” in a gown that echoes your unique spirit. Whether you’d like to add buttons down the train, lower the back, or mix and match tops/skirts, you can customize the gown to your exact liking. 

Eisen Stein

Starting at $7,000

Eisen Stein established themselves as a luxury bridal brand in 2011 by Tel Aviv designers, Yhael Eisenberg and Heli Kalkstein. Their one-of-a-kind gowns are designed with the highest quality materials from silk, solstiss lace, and beaded tulles, then meticulously finished with Swarovski stones, embroidery, or feathers. A clear aesthetic from the start, Eisen Stein’s gowns have an uncompromising vision that puts an emphasis on feminine and sexy wedding gown designs. 


Marchesa Notte

Starting at $3,000

In order to serve a wider range of brides without the couture price point, Marchesa’s Notte line was founded in 2017. Featuring a largely ethereal aesthetic, Marchesa Notte’s bridal line offers gowns that are both timeless and romantic with an air of fantasy and natural hues. Staying true to Marchesa’s nods to femininity and florals, the Notte collection is filled with 3D floral appliques and ornate detailing. What’s better? Marchesa Notte has a bridesmaids collection with gowns that will pair perfectly with your Notte bridal gown. 

Lis Simon Bridal 
& Separates

Starting at $2,500

From conception, Lis Simon’s goal as a bridal designer was to create a well-constructed, stylish bridal collection with an attainable price point to suit the modern bride. While keeping in line with certain traditional bridal gown elements, Lis Simon pushes the modern edge with current and trending features, through their use of modern lace, unique patterns, and a wide variety of silhouettes. As a fully customizable collection, Lis Simon is one of Ladies of Lineage’s most versatile collections, with the ability to fine tune each gown to meet our brides’ exact visions. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 9.44.14 PM.png

Nouvelle by Amsale

Starting at $2,500

Widely credited as the inventor of the modern wedding dress, for designer Aberra Amsale, it all started with a single dress: her own. With a goal to find a more modern silhouette for her own wedding day, Amsale found her options limited to the overly dramatic and ornate dresses that were trending at the time. In turn, Amsale created her own pared-down design, elegant in its simplicity and quiet in its impact, with a subtle drama that felt modern and personal all at once. The result has become a cohesive collection that’s been built over decades, and one that will continue to endure in the age of modern romance. 


Brandon Maxwell

Starting at $2,500

The American designer and stylist for Lady Gaga launched his acclaimed label in 2015, and his designs have since been worn by the likes of Michelle Obama and Gwyneth Paltrow. A familiar face on Bravo’s hit series, Project Runway, Ladies of Lineage is thrilled to be a new stockist for Brandon Maxwell's ready-to-wear white dresses. Designed for the fashion-forward lady, his collections feature his hallmark style of sharp tailoring and sculptural details. With the ability to highlight the juxtaposition of sophistication and power, Brandon Maxwell’s designs are perfect for the bride who wants the non traditional white dress.